Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

The weather is gorgeous in the mid 70s and the weather forecast (and we all know how accurate that is) is predicting in the 80s for Thurs. & Fri. We've enjoyed golf in the afternoons in this beautiful weather. Our boat cruises in the evenings are quite pleasant, even though it really cools off once the sun goes behind the mountains. And the dinners at the restaurant have been spoiling us (plus giving us a few extra pounds).

We noticed that we had some landscaping lights out in the fountain and at a tree, so we proceeded to check this out and discovered that the one in the fountain the light fixture was broken and the one at the tree was corroded, so off to Home Deport to get replacements. The one in the fountain was not an easy fix, Jim also needed to replace the junction box as it was all corroded also, so back to Home Depot.

 Jim finally got the lights in the fountain working - turned on the pump to the fountain and no water - now the pump went out. Guess what? The fountain is drained of water and is just a statue of rock with lights.

Then the light went out on the tree that he fixed - tried to figure out what went wrong - rewired but to no avail. Ended up the new light bulb had burned out. All lights are now working.

Here are some flowers in our small flower bed that the landscaper charged us $180 to plant. They're pretty, but a little too much money for the amount of flowers. Need to have a talk with our landscaper.

Yesterday I decided to cause some excitement by having an accident on my bike. I was riding on the sidewalk on 48th Avenue outside of the park when I tried to go around the maintenance cart that was parked in the middle of the sidewalk. Rode up on the grass but when I came back down to the sidewalk my front tire got caught on the edge of the cement and over I went in a graceful (not!) landing. Luckily I got up with no broken bones, but my legs are pretty cut up, especially my right leg which has a nasty fairly deep cut. I thought it should be looked at by a doctor or nurse, so off we went to find an Urgent Care center. The first one was over a 2 hour wait, so went to a 2nd one which was also a 2 hour wait (didn't know there were so many sick people), so off to Walgreens to pick up some antiseptic and bandages and back home to have Dr. Jim take care of me. Surprisingly I'm not sore, the cuts don't hurt and am no worse for wear except my right leg looks like a pack of dogs attacked it. Jim took a picture of my legs, but didn't include it because it's not a pretty picture.

Tonight we will celebrate New Years Eve by grilling a ham and giving a toast at about 9pm before we hit the bed. Don't remember the last time we stayed up till midnight.

We are heading back to Tucson on Sunday bright and early to miss traffic and will probably park the motorhome for a couple of months before we head out again.

I wish everyone a safe New Year's Eve and a prosperous and wondrous 2014!

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