Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wine Tasting Day 2

Monday brought a cloud cover with a little fog, but it would burn off late morning. We headed for the coast, since it was somewhat of a dreary day to start with anyways. Drove down to Santa Rosa and from there headed west through Sebastopol over to Bodega Bay. Drove around the bay then ended up at The Tides for some lunch.

We shared a bowl of clam chowder, then we each had an order of fish-n-chips. This place was quite pricey as the total came to $75 including tip. Can't say that I've had a lunch that cost that much before. But the food was good with big portions.
Fishing vessels were coming back in with the mornings catch.
From Bodega Bay, we headed north along the coast to Jenner, then turned inland through Guerneville then headed south to Forestville where we stopped at the Russian River Winery for tasting. We couldn't find anything there we liked. 
We continued south back towards Sebastapol and after about 4 more wineries of not liking their wines we decided to go back up to the Dry Creek/Alexander Valley region where the grapes grow in a warmer climate and produce the wines more to our liking.

We stopped at Simi Winery but still was not satisfied.
Hit a couple more with no success, then stopped at Clos Du Bois and ended up with 2 bottles. In Geyserville we stopped in this small tasting room for Meeker Vineyards and found another wine we liked so walked out with 2 more bottles. I think we are going to need to purchase another wine refrigerator at home or dig a wine cellar. Our collection of wines keep growing.

Bring on the smores! After a dinner of roasting hot dogs on the fire, we of course had to have the full experience and indulge in smores to end another tough day on the wine trail.

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