Friday, July 12, 2013

Still Cooling

Today we started with a tour of the Boeing facilities. Sorry no pictures as they don't allow cameras, purses,cell phones, etc. Enjoyed the 90 minute tour. Very informative to see the production lines of the 747, 777 & the 787. They assemble the big planes at that location.

Since we were north of Seattle at Everett we decided to do a little site seeing and headed towards Whidbey  Island. Ended up in a small waterfront town of Coupeville for lunch.
Had a bowl of clam chowder (seeing a trend here?) and a order of fish & chips on the outside deck on the wharf.
On the way to the ferry to get back to the mainland we ran across a winery so had to stop for some tasting. Wine was ok, not great.
Then we hit it perfect time to catch the ferry. Only waited about 5 minutes before loading. It was a short ferry trip of only 20 minutes.
Arrived on the mainland and headed back to the hotel. Of course ran into traffic before our turnoff, but not too bad. Found a restaurant close to the hotel for another salmon dinner for me and steak for Jim.

OK Greg, now you're caught up.

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