Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bisbee on a Sunday Afternoon

Last Sunday was such a beautiful day, we thought a drive to Bisbee was in order. So off we went to enjoy the afternoon. Jim needed exercise after our drive there, so off to the flight of stairs he went (no he didn't do 1000 stairs, only 86).
Surprisingly there were few tourist in town. In fact it was pretty empty (well the shops were empty but the bars were quite busy).
Of course we went into the Copper Queen Hotel to have a look.
"One RingyDingy" Where's Ernestine?

Oh here she is!
I believe this is a Ford. It's in excellent shape, ran good also (we saw it later going past us).
Of course we had to take advantage of Brats & Chips for $5.00 (well maybe some beer to wash it down also).
It was a pleasant trip, but a long drive to spend only a couple of hours enjoying the town. Some shops were closed, but did enjoy a couple of art galleries.

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