Friday, January 25, 2013

Wild Wild West

With the beautiful weather we have been having (in the mid to upper 70s) I could not pass up a trip to Sabino Canyon last Wednesday. The day was overcast but still warm, which made it just right for hiking. As I was sitting on a rock along the Sabino Creek contemplating life .....
Just like to wild west - I suddenly had visitors.
They didn't appear to be outlaws.
 They stayed just long enough for their horses to drink the cool water - then rode on up the trail.
 It's nice having water running in the creek again.

Along the way I ran into this Saguaro scarecrow. It's quite interesting how old, dead Saguaros take on different figures and how they remain standing.
 It was sure nice getting out for an afternoon in the fresh, warm air and enjoy nature again. It's been awhile since I ventured out.

The next morning my day was greeted with a colorful sunrise. With the clouds moving in we had showers on Thursday and there is a promise of more showing up tonight through the weekend. Well I guess washing the vehicles is out for now.

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