Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Reid Park Zoo

Last Saturday presented itself with not much on the agenda, so I suggested we visit the zoo, it's been a long time since we have been there. I always enjoy seeing the many feather/furry friends there. It promised to be another hot day, but we started out around 9:30 and with the zoo being quite shady, the heat did not pose a problem.

Here are several of the many animals we saw. The first one is an anteater. I always pictured them being much smaller, but he(or she) was quite sizable.

 It was nap time for several of the residents.
 There were several unusual birds like these two. Don't know how he can eat with that long beak.

 This is the first all white peacock I have ever seen.  He put on quite a show.
 Here is the normal peacock that I'm familiar with.
 I just love a giraffe's expressions.
 This parrot has such beautiful color.

 Then there is the stalking tiger.

All in all, our few hours at the zoo was quite enjoyable. Even though the Tucson zoo is small, it is well kept and has many animals. It's well worth the minimal admission that they charge.

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