Thursday, December 29, 2011

The beautiful, warm weather has made this trip quite enjoyable.  The mornings are still chilly, but by the afternoon the sun is bright and the air temperature is in the mid to high 70s, just perfect for a round of golf.  Our days consist of relaxation, golf, cruise and dinner.  If we stayed here much longer, we would need to break down and go somewhere to find some excitement. But at this point, we are quite content as we are.

Last night was Prime Rib night again at the restaurant. Here we are about ready to dive in.

Here is a view of the restaurant (on the 2nd story).
Transportation to the restaurant is via boat across the channel to the docks. After a delicious meal and a couple glasses of wine, we are ready to head back across to the RV.
Here is a picture of the resort entryway trees and gate lit up at night.

A project I worked on, with no resolution at this point, is a problem with the speakers in our motorhome.  This problem has existed for some time and the mfg. was not able to solve it. But I have narrowed it down, which to me it is not logical. When the TV is on satellite the 4 speakers randomly work, sometimes all 4 work, maybe one side works or none work and it is constantly changing, so it fades in and out and from side to side then to all working again.  But if you switch the tuner to either the radio or DVD the speakers work fine.  Now figure that one out! I have checked the connections and everything seems to be fine, but there are so many wires and so little space and access. If anyone can come up with a logical reason why this is happening, please comment below and let me know what you are thinking it might be. I would love to solve this problem so we can watch TV without the constant sound fluctuation. 

Friday night we are joining another couple up at the restaurant for dinner, so only two more evenings to ourselves here at the RV.  Then Sunday morning we are heading back to Tucson and back to our normal daily lives.

We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable New Years Eve and may 2012 bring abundance and prosperity to all in whatever form you create.

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