Monday, December 19, 2011

Back to the Western Retreat

Our trip back to Indio on Saturday was uneventful (the best when traveling), with a few showers along the way.  After getting everything set up at the lot, we sat back to enjoy except the weather wasn't ready for us to do that, it decided to sprinkle and got colder, so inside the RV we headed until dinner at the restaurant that evening.

Sunday brought better weather, at least it didn't sprinkle, but the clouds did keep it cooler than the expected 64 degrees.  But the late afternoon brought out the sun and we hopped into the boat for our cruise of the day.  Here are some sites we found along the way.

A few of the boats along the channel were decorated for Christmas.

Our feathered friends came out to greet us as we drifted by.

As the sun started to descend behind the mountains, our evening cruise came to and end. Off to the restaurant again tonight for Italian night and spaghetti and meatballs (the best). Monday promises to be a bright, clear and beautiful day in the mid 60s. More to come!

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