Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just Another Beautiful Day

The days are relaxing, uneventful and wonderful with the weather in the 70s and this weekend into the 80s.  The evenings do get a bit chilly and our evening boat ride requires a jacket.  Sunday was a bit cool with a weather system progressing through the area and Monday morning we awoke to snow on the mountains west of us.

Sunday, Jim shot a 57 on our par 54 course, then followed it up with a 53 on Monday.  Maybe he is getting his golf game ready for our annual Indio Invitational in April with players J Moon, L Moon and G Rolling.  This Invitational holds big stakes and a traveling trophy which is currently in the possession of J Moon.

Monday night we had BBQ country ribs which turned out tasty with our homemade BBQ sauce and hot pepper sauce make from the serrano pepper bush in our back yard.

The golf course and grounds are in immaculate condition which produce plenty of colorful scenes for the eyes.

 There is an abundance of ducks of several varieties, herons, egrets and we believe some loons, but not exactly sure.  These two were the only ones awake and out enjoying the water during my bike ride this morning.

Tomorrow we will have our own bird (a turkey) on the Weber with mesquite smoke flavor for our traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  I wish everyone a wonderful day and give thanks for our wonderful family and our many blessings.

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