Thursday, August 25, 2011

Waiting to Pack Up

The coach is ready to roll and we are just waiting for a break in Jim’s business so he is comfortable to leave for two weeks.  That means he calls me at anytime and says, “We’re ready to go, pack up and be down here as soon as you can.”  Usually within three hours we are on the road.

Our destination on this next trip will accomplish several goals.  We will stay at an RV park in Lodi, CA, which will give us the opportunity to visit Napa valley for wine tasting, the foothills for wine tasting, Lodi area for wine tasting (notice a trend here?), possibly a trip to Yosemite (my favorite national park) and best of all to visit my sister who lives in Sacramento.

My nephew, Mike, has given me some wonderful suggestions for Napa valley already. He and his wife Lynda frequent the wine region and established close friendships with a few winery owners over the past ten years.  But if anyone has a favorite winery I would appreciate any insights you may have, so please feel free to comment below. It’s been over 20 years since I’ve been to this region, so I’m sure a lot has changed in that time. 

We are getting quite antsy since our last trip was in April.  It’s unusual for us to sit this long without a trip, especially over the summer months, but business has been good, so that comes first, then we can enjoy our traveling when there is a break. For now each day I anticipate that phone call that says “Pack Up.”

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